Do you want your own TV Show?

How to Submit Programming Ideas to Northwestel Community TV

Thanks for your interest in northern community television.  Our aim is to provide programming that reflects the communities in which we live – and we invite you to join the fun!  We welcome any or all of the following type of programming submissions from the northern public:

1. Proposals to create new programming in partnership with Northwestel Community TV.

  • Want your own TV show? Work with us to create the show you want to make on community television.
  • Want to cover a local event or performance? Send us a proposal for what you have in mind.

2. Completed videos submitted for licensing.

  • Video content that is already created that Northwestel will license from you and play-back on our channels.

3. Ideas for content on new or existing shows.

  • Even if you just have ideas for a show that you don’t plan on making yourself, or if you have an idea for an existing show you have seen, we’d still like to hear your ideas.

Please direct all submissions or proposals to:

Chris McNutt
Manager, Northwestel Community TV
867 393 7669


Submit a proposal to create new Community TV programming

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Northwestel Community TV is focused on the Yukon and Northwest Territories and its people, issues, arts and entertainment. Programming should reflect local viewpoints, activities and/or diverse voices that are not being heard. Within that framework, unlimited possibilities exist to create the kind of show that you want to make.

We’re looking for people who want to actively work as producers in creating programs or videos. You can have plenty of experience, none, or anything in between – the main quality we want is passion and drive to work on the successful creation of the show(s).

You will need to be the “Producer” who is primary in creating the show concept, the proposal, the scripts, outline, shooting schedule, locations, and finds the talent and volunteers required to be in and help create the show. You can even take it a step further and handle all production and post-production on your own and deliver us a completed, final show.

And when we use the term “show”, it could also simply be coverage of a local event or performance.

Of course we can help and support in any or all of this, but the main idea is …… it’s your show, and you have to work to make it happen.

Here’s what Northwestel Community TV is willing to do:

First we will read your proposal and give you feedback to determine to what extent we could support the development of the program(s). Following that, we can support the development of your program / video in some or all of the following ways:

1. We can work with you to develop the idea and shoot a pilot episode of the program, or in the case of a local event, the coverage you have in mind. Every project is unique and our involvement will vary depending on the level of experience you have and the type of support you require to create your program. We may be able to …

a. Mentor you through the pre-planning phase of the show’s development.

i.  Concept development
ii. Outlines /scripts / production planning

b. Assist in the actual filming and production of the show.

i. Northwestel Community TV production gear (cameras, microphones,
lights) may be available for you to use free of charge.
ii. Our staff can assist with the actual production

c. Assist in the editing and post-production of the show

i. Editing facilities and mentoring may be available for you to use free
of charge depending on your experience and skill level.
ii. Our staff will take care of all editing / post-production of your show

d. Program and promote the show on Northwestel Community TV and our online locations. We’ll   do our best to make sure your show gets seen.

2. Northwestel Community TV may be able to provide monetary compensation to help you with the creation of your program(s).

NOTE: Direct $$ compensation is not available to all people wishing to create programming and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

In general, compensation will not be given to people with little or no video production experience creating their initial pilot episode. An attempt will be made to compensate experienced producers (you will be considered experienced following the creation of your first pilot episode) based on the requirements of the program along the following guidelines:

  • Payment for all hard costs of production.
  • Labor rates for planning, camera, talent, post-production in the neighborhood of $20/hr. As producer, you will be responsible to secure any other compensation through grants, donations or sponsorship.
  • Rental costs for producer-owned video production gear (cameras / lights / microphones etc.) will be paid based on equivalent film-society (WAMP, Yukon Film Society) membership rental rates. No rental payment will be made for post-production software or hardware.

We will accept proposals for completed shows and will pay license fees for such material according to the guidelines listed above.

1. Submit a Proposal of the program you would like to make

If you don’t include all the necessary information in your proposal, we’ll get back in touch with you requesting more details, but in general, your proposal should include the following info:

a. Description of the show that includes the following:

i. Format / style / length of the show
ii. Content / Subject matter – Who will be in it? Projected guest names, interview topics and specific community events to be covered. The more detail you can share, the better.
iii. Whether it will be one single show or a series.
iv. Will there be sponsors and what will be the sponsorship recognition you will have in the show?

b. What roles will you do in the creation of the show?

i. Writing / directing / pre-production planning / production / editing / on-screen talent

c. What roles would you like Northwestel Community TV to do in the creation of the show?

i. Production / gear / post-production and editing

d. Outline any experience you have in film/video production. Include any demo reels, or links to online video content and describe your role in the creation of such items.

e. Complete contact information – name, address, phone, email etc.

2. Familiarize yourself with the Northwestel Community TV channels and our policies

If you’re not keen to work within the framework of who we are and what we do, then it’s best to know that at the beginning. Community TV offers many opportunities to the public, but it is not a realm that works for all film/video producers.

The Northwestel Community TV Mandate, Operating Policies, and Guidelines for Submission of Program Proposals are available by clicking here.