Your Channel

Northwestel Community TV offers volunteer opportunities for people interested in learning video-production skills and offers a wide-range of support for the production of non-commercial programming relevant to community needs and interests.

We aim to:

  • Help Northerners develop video production skills and create Northern video content
  • Provide a northern audience across different platforms to enable video producers to share their relevant work with an expanded Northern audience

Programming Mandate

Northwestel Community TV aims to present programming of interest to its northern communities along the following principles:

  • Content that is created in and/or created by residents of and/or relevant to residents of the regions of the Northwestel operating area.

Northwestel welcomes all inquiries or interest from the public to participate in Community TV and the following policies and guidelines are designed to promote efficient and equitable access to our channels and resources and help us determine suitable programming.

Our entire selection of forms and policies is available here: