WH Cable 9 Schedule

Schedule February 8 – 14


MLF 601_00001

Maximum Limit Fishing

Ep 4, 2015.  Maximum Limit Fishing visits World Shore Lunch Champion and fishes for late fall lake whitefish on Yellowknife River.

Daily 1 pm
Tues-Sun 6:30 pm
Mon-Thur, Sat, Sun 9:30 pm
Mon, Wed 11:30 pm

Battle of the Bands 2015_00002

Battle of the Bands 2015

The 2015 Battle of the Bands presented by BYTE. Performed at the Yukon College, September 2015.

Tues-Thur, Sat, Sun 7 pm

Abe and Alfred 1

Abe and Alfred

NT filmmaker Kirsten Carthew introduces us to Abe Stanley from Ft Macpherson, NT as he auditions for a role in a feature film.

Daily 1:30 pm


Anash and the Legend of Sun Rock

Animated Tlingit myth-story set in the early 1800’s. Ep 9: The Challenge of Dukakawu.
Animated Tlingit myth-story set in the early 1800’s. Ep 10: Pathfinders.

Ep 9: Mon-Thur, Sat, Sun 8 pm
Ep 10: Mon-Thur, Sat, Sun 8:30 pm

NFB_Vanishing Point_17

NFB: Vanishing Point

Documentary telling the story of 2 Inuit communities in Nunavut and Greenland linked by a historic migration led by an intrepid shaman. NFB 2012.

Thur 10:30 pm

NFB_River of Life_19

NFB: River of Life

Athletes from around the world test their endurance in the Yukon River Quest paddling 740 km of Yukon wilderness. Filmmaker Werner Walcher. NFB 2007.

Mon 10:30 pm


The Dog Show

Host Emily Hoefs brings you stories on dog agility training, breeds, the latest trend in collars and more. June 2015.

Daily 2 pm
Mon-Thur, Sat, Sun 10 pm



Filmmaker Dennis Allen’s tribute to CBQM, the community radio station in Fort McPherson, NWT & its role as the Moccassin Telegraph. NFB 2009.

Tues 10:30 pm

Zero Waste Yukon 3

Zero Waste Yukon

Ep 1: Zero Waste Yukon presents The Story of Stuff series of films.
Ep 2: Zero Waste Yukon presents The Story of Stuff series of films. The Story of Bottled Water, Electronics, and Solutions.

Ep 1: Wed, Fri, Sun 6 pm, 9 pm / Mon 9 pm
Ep 2: Tues, Thur, Sat 6 pm, 9 pm

NFB_People of the Ice_23

NFB: People of the Ice

Documentary exploring the threats of global warming to the Arctic environment that has nurtured the Inuit for 4,000 years. NFB 2003.

Wed 10:30 pm

Ha Shagoon 6

Haa Shagoon

Ep 519, 1997. Watson Smarch (Tlingit) part 1, Fort McPherson – Tools.
Ep 520, 1997. Watson Smarch (Tlingit) part 2, Stickgambling 1994 with Earl Darbyshire.
Ep 205, 1993. Alfred Jakesta (Kaska), Jack Caesar, Dick Nukon (Gwitch’in), Charlie Chief – elders message, Earls Pearls with Jim Atkinson.
Ep 206, 1993. Edith Josie – news, Roy Moses (Gwitch’in).

Ep 519, 520: Fri 10 pm
Ep 205, 206: Fri 11 pm

WH City Council

Whitehorse City Council

Live proceedings of Whitehorse City Council.

Mon 5:30 pm