WH Cable 9 Schedule

Schedule November 24 -30


GSSH 206_03

Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt

The second semi-final of 2014. Rick Sward/Cleo Hosni vs Tony Ciprani/Carson Schiffkorn. The winner moves on to the Final.

Daily 1 pm
Wed, Sat, Sun 7 pm
Thur 9:30 pm


POV doc by Lee Carruthers. A hiking trip to Mt Edziza, the dormant volcano sacred to the Tahltan in Northern BC.

Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun 8:30 pm
CYFN part 1.Still012

CYFN: Yukon Land Claims History

The 2nd episode of a 4-part series from 1998 on the history of Yukon First Nation Land Claims.

Sat, Sun 10 am
Tues, Wed 9 pm
Northern Town 101_3

Northern Town

Comedy about the residents of a northern town coping with a meteorite crash and curling bonspeil offering a large cash prize. Ep 4, 2006.

Daily 2 pm
Sat, Sun 9:30 pm
Tues, Thur 10 pm

North of Ordinary: Nov 2013

Nov 2013 episode featuring Spruce Bog Craft Fair, Bean North Coffee, artist Lara Melnik, Pinoy Singing Idol and more. Hosted by Emily Hoefs.
Daily 3 pm
Wed, Sat, Sun 7:30 pm
Mon 9:30 pm
Edge TV 101_17

Edge TV

Ep 1, Oct 2014.  Edge magazine presents music and stories from Yellowknife’s edge.

Mon – Thur, Sat, Sun 10:30 pm

Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt

Two teams face off in a scavenger hunt through Whitehorse garage sales.  Ep 1-5 of the second season.

Thur 7 pm

Fur Harvesters NWT

Ep 10, Season Finale.  Andrew travels to Finland for the biggest fur auction in the world to sell his pelts.

Daily 1:30 pm
Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun 8 pm, 10 pm
MLF S5_11

Maximum Limit Fishing

Ep 11, 2014.  Host Maxim Bloudov is fly fishing at  Sandy Point Lodge for spawning lakers.

Daily 2:30 pm
Sat, Sun 9 pm
YLA Committee on Hydraulic Fracking 2014

YLA Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing 2014

May 27/28, 2014. YLA Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing. Presentation by Mark Jaccard, Professor SFU.

Tues 6:30 pm

Short, Sweet Yoga w Erica

Yoga instructor Erica Heuer leads you through a short, sweet beginner yoga practice.

Daily 6 am, 9 am
Ha Shagoon 6

Haa Shagoon

Ep 203, 1993. Winnie Atlin, Fred White (Tlingit), Johnnie Charlie (Gwitch’in).
Ep 204, 1993. Dick Nukon (Gwitch’in), Earls Pearls with Ruth Carroll.
Ep 201, 1993. Johnson Edwards story Snowshow Makins (Northern Tutchone).
Ep 202, 1993. Johnson Edwards story Snowshow Makins, Wilfred Charlie (Northern Tutchone), Elders pictures with Andy Nieman -In Gods Love We Live Long.

Ep 203, 204 – Tues 8 pm, Fri 10 pm, Sun 11 am
Ep 201, 202 – Sun 12 pm
Historical Films 01

Yukon Historical Films

A rotating selection of  historical films focusing on Yukon history, culture and lifestyles.
Daily 11 pm

Yukon Legislative Assembly

Question period from the previous day’s proceedings of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.
Tues – Sat 11 am, 6 pm
City Council  4x5

Whitehorse City Council

Live proceedings of Whitehorse City Council.
Mon 5:30 pm