Whitehorse Cable 9 Schedule

Schedule April 21 – 27


Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014

Yukon-based environmental awareness programming presented by BYTE and CPAWS Yukon.

Daily 3 pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun 7 pm
Yukonomist 101_07

The Yukonomist

Keith Halliday discusses local ecomonic topics with guests Joe Sparling, Chris McNutt and Sabine Schweiger. Apr 2014.
Daily 2 pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun 8 pm

The Curious Gardener

Ep 3: Northern gardening tips hosted by Arlin McFarlane. Green Mulch, Heating your Greenhouse with Compost, Pollination and Growing Peas.
Ep 4: Northern gardening tips hosted by Arlin McFarlane.  Tomatillos, Extending your Growing Season, Seed Saving, and Overwintering your Garden.

Ep 1 – Daily 1 pm / Tues, Thur, Sun 9 pm
Ep 2 – Daily 1:30 pm / Tues, Thur, Sun 9:30 pm

TEDx Whitehorse: Jan 2013

From TEDx WH, Jan 2013. Michelle Phillips: Dog Journey and Keith Halliday: Yukon energy flip

Mon, Wed, Sat 9:30 pm
WH Tradeshow 2013_1

Whitehorse Trade Show 2013

Cable 9 visits the 2013 Whitehorse Lions Trade Show, May 2013.

Mon, Wed, Sat 9 pm
MLF S4 Ep1_2

Maximum Limit Fishing

Host Maxim Bloudov heads to Harding Lake and catches northern pike.  Episode 11, 2013.
Daily 2:30 pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun 8:30 pm
Pottery Wars

Northern Films #1

Short films by Northern filmmakers Marten Berkman, Fritz Meuller, Max Fraser, Michelle Swallow, Damien Tremblay and others.

Mon, Wed, Sat 10:15 pm
Ha Shagoon 6

Haa Shagoon

Ep 213, 1994. Peter Josie (Gwitch’in).
Ep 214, 1994. Elizabeth Kaye (Gwitch’in), Lizzie Magguu.
Ep 504, 1996. Florence Smarch with Bessie (Tlingit).
Ep 515, 1997. Neil Colins (Gwitch’in), Montague, Fort McPherson Radio.

Ep 504, 515  Tues 8 pm, Fri 10 pm, Sun 11 am
Ep 516, 517  Sun 12 pm
WH Bingo

Whitehorse TV Bingo (live)

Softball Yukon’s TV-Bingo – live starting at 7:15 pm.
Friday 7:15 pm
Historical Films 03

Yukon Historical Films

A rotating selection of  historical films focusing on Yukon history, culture and lifestyles.
Daily 11 pm
City Council  4x5

Whitehorse City Council

Live proceedings of Whitehorse City Council.
Mon 5:30 pm

Yukon Legislative Assembly

Question period from the previous day’s proceedings of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.
Wed – Sat 11 am, 6 pm
Sun 6 pm