WH Cable 9 Schedule

Schedule February 23 – March 1



Anash and the Legend of Sun Rock

Animated Tlingit myth-story set in the early 1800’s. Ep 3: Exile from Suskan Inlet &  Ep 4: A Face in the Forest.

Daily 2 pm
Mon, Thur, Sun 8 pm
Whitehorse Live 10100002

Whitehorse Live!

Ep 2. Live music performances featuring Kate Weekes, Katie Avery and more . J Hall Productions 2015.

Daily 1 pm
Wed, Sat 8 pm
Mon, Tues, Thur, Sun 9 pm
Share the Road_4

Share the Road

Filmmaker Francis Causabon explores the issue of winter bicycling in Whitehorse.

Daily 3 pm
Tues, Thur, Sat 7 pm
Jim Robb1

Jim Robb: Yukon Legend

Yukon artist Jim Robb discusses the recent show of his works at the Yukon Art Centre. Aug 2014.

Daily 3:30 pm
Tues, Thur, Sat 7:30 pm
Zero Waste Yukon 3

Zero Waste Yukon

Zero Waste Yukon presents The Story of Stuff series of films. Ep 1 & 2.

Ep 2: Wed, Sun 7 pm, Wed, Sat 10:30 pm
Ep 3: Wed, Sun 7:30 pm


POV doc by Lee Carruthers. A hiking trip to Mt Edziza, the dormant volcano sacred to the Tahltan in Northern BC.

Mon, Tues, Thur, Sun 10 pm
Ta'an Man Culture Camp_3

Ta’an Man Salmon Culture

Ta’an Kwachan salmon culture is explored at the 2013 annual culture camp at Lake Laberge.
Mon, Tues, Thur, Sun 10:30 pm
Pottery Wars

Northern Films

Short Northern films by filmmakers Damien Tremblay, Edward Westerhuis, Joanna Grant and others.

Daily 1:40 pm
Wed, Sat 8:40 pm
Mon, Tues, Thur, Sun 9:40 pm


2011 documentary on the Sundog carving program in Yukon and the journey of 19 young carvers making a canoe. Directed by Allan Code.

Wed, Sat 9 pm
Ha Shagoon 6

Haa Shagoon

Ep 1212, 2004. Rachel Tom.
Ep 1213, 2004. Annie Henry.
Ep 215, 1994. Mida Donnessey (Kaska).
Ep 216, 1994. Lizzie Hall (Northern Tutchone).

Ep 1212, 1213 – Tues 8 pm, Fri 10 pm, Sun 11 am
Ep 215, 216 – Sun 12 pm
Historical Films 03

Yukon Historical Films

A rotating selection of  historical films focusing on Yukon history, culture and lifestyles.

Daily 11 pm
WH Bingo

Whitehorse TV Bingo (live)

Softball Yukon’s TV-Bingo – live starting at 7:15 pm.
Friday 7 pm
City Council  4x5

Whitehorse City Council

Live proceedings of Whitehorse City Council.
Mon 5:30 pm