WH Cable 9 Schedule

Schedule November 23 – 29


Adaka Short Films_00012

Adaka Short Films

Short films made in the Youth Filmmaking Bootcamp as part of the 2016 Adaka Cultural Festival in Whitehorse.

Daily 10:30 am

Ice Rage 101_00005

Ice Rage

Ep 2: YK trivia hosted by Aaron Godson. Teams Narwhal Northern Adventures, Jerrie’s Delivery Services, Audience Members, and One of a Thai face off.

Mon-Sat 1:30 pm
Mon-Thur 9 pm

No Boundaries_02

No Boundaries

Travel with Yukon River salmon from the mouth of the Yukon river to Teslin, YT.

Tues 7 pm

NFB_People of the Ice_5

NFB: People of the Ice

Documentary exploring the threats of global warming to the Arctic environment that has nurtured the Inuit for 4,000 years. NFB 2003.

Mon 11 am

FHNWT 201_00015

Fur Harvesters NWT

Ep 4, 2015. Andrew’s parents tend the line as Andrew travels to China and Japan for Fur Trade Convention.

Daily 1 pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun 8 pm
Mon-Thur, Sun 10 pm


Because I am a Girl

Original music and dance by a talented group of young Whitehorse performers. Recorded at the Yukon Arts Centre Oct , 2014.

Sun 10 am

NFB_Land for Pioneers_16

NFB: Short Films

Two historic northern documentaries from the NFB: Land For Pioneers (1944) and Stefansson, Arctic Prophet (1965).

Sun 10:30 pm

Bond of Strangers_00001

Bond of Strangers

Yukon filmmaker Max Fraser’s chronicles Operation Husky, a journey of WW2 remembrance through Sicily in 2013.

Sat 8:30 pm

Xmas Lights_04

Whitehorse Xmas Lights

Christmas lights in Whitehorse, December 2013.

Sun 9 pm


Community This Week

The gang from Community This Week hosts a Christmas Telethon in an attempt to try to save their station. Original northern comedy.

Sun 1:30 pm

Northern Town 101_3

Northern Town

Comedy about the residents of a northern town coping with a meteorite crash and curling bonspeil offering a large cash prize. Ep 4, 2006.

Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun 8:30 pm

Art of Giving4

Art of Giving

Films by France Benoit and Gary Milligan focusing on YK community kindness endeavors.

Mon-Thur 10:30 pm
Sat 7 pm, 7:30 pm, 8 pm

Elizabeth May_01

Elizabeth May in Whitehorse

Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May speaks in Whitehorse, Sept 2013.

Part 1: Wed 7 pm
Part 2: Thur 7 pm

Ha Shagoon 6

Haa Shagoon

Ep 1203, 2004. Robert Alexie Sr.
Ep 1204, 2004. Rachael Tom Tom.
Ep 217, 1994. Charlie Thomas (Gwitch’in).
Ep 218, 1994. Elizabeth Kaye, Sarah Abel (Gwitch’in).

Ep 217, 218 – Tues 8 pm, Fri 10 pm, Sun 11 am
Ep 1203, 1204 – Sun 12 pm


MetaFit Workout

Personal Trainer Graeme Campbell takes you through a vigorous half-hour MetaFit workout.

Daily 7 am, 10 am


Short, Sweet Yoga w Erica

Yoga instructor Erica Heuer leads you through a short, sweet beginner yoga practice.

Daily 6 am, 9 am

Historical Films 03

Yukon Historical Films

A rotating selection of  historical films focusing on Yukon history, culture and lifestyles.

Daily 11 pm

WH Bingo

Whitehorse TV Bingo (live)

Softball Yukon’s TV-Bingo – live starting at 7:15 pm.

Friday 7:15 pm

City Council 4x5

Whitehorse City Council

Live proceedings of Whitehorse City Council.

Mon 5:30 pm


Yukon Legislative Assembly

Question period from the previous day’s proceedings of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

Fri, Sat 11 am
Fri – Sun 6 pm

Late Night Firelog Small

Late Night Yule Log

Northwestel Community TV’s version of the classic TV Yule Log, re-defined for a late night audience.

Daily 7 am, 10 am