Whitehorse 709 Schedule

Schedule September 17-23


Boreal Herbal

Yukon herbalist Beverley Gray welcomes mushroom expert Robert Dale Rogers as they explore the world of boreal fungus. Ep 1, 2016.

Daily 1 pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun 7 pm, 9 pm

Wild Kitchen

Host Tiffany Ayalik joins fishing guide Pike Mike on the Liard River for a shore lunch, spring-greens pizza and a morel mushroom hunt.

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 1:30 pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun 7:30 pm, 9:30 pm

Camera Trap

Doc by Marty O’Brien on photographer Peter Mather’s epic quest for the ultimate caribou photograph in the northern Yukon wilderness. 2018

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 2 pm
Mon, Wed, Sun 10 pm
Sat 8 pm

Klondike Viking

The story of an unlikely immigrant from Norway, Bill Hakonson, a mistreated run-away who grew an unusual empire in Canada’s far north. Lulu Keating 2016.

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 2:30 pm
Mon, Wed, Sun 10:30 pm
Sat 8:30 pm

Journeys to Adaka

Yukon indigeneous artists are profiled in their journey to the Adaka Cultural Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon. A film by Fritz Meuller and Teresa Earle, 2017.

Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun 8 pm

NFB: Northern Films 1949-63

NFB films Nahanni (1962), Gold (1955), How to Build an Igloo (1949) and Kenojuak (1963)

Tues, Thur, Sat 1:30 pm, 10 pm

Cold Paradise

Portrait of Filipino immigrants and temporary foreign workers living in the Yukon facing new challenges in a new home. Werner Walcher, 2012.

Tues, Thur, Sat 11 pm
Tues, Sat 9 pm

ChangeTruth podcast

Host Carl Christensen discusses spirituality and life in the Yukon wilderness with his guest Dan.

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 11 pm

Broke Down Dawson Town

A two-part comedy-drama about two young Atlantic Canadians who arrive in Dawson City broke but hopeful. Max Fraser, Lulu Keating 2016.

Tues, Thur, Sat 11 pm

Ha Shagoon 6

Haa Shagoon

Ep 919, 2001. Chon FM Christmas Pledge Show 2000.
Ep 920, 2001. Charlie Thomas.
Ep 1417, 2006. Betty Sjodin was born in Ross River, Yukon. Her parents were missionaries and they traveled a lot (Gwitch’in).
Ep 1418, 2006. Emma Shorty was born at Hundred Mile, near Teslin, Yukon. She tells us about growing up in the area (Tlingit).

Ep 919, 920 Tues 8 pm, Fri 10 pm, Sun 11 am
Ep 1417, 1418 Sun 12 pm

Whitehorse TV Bingo

Softball Yukon’s TV-Bingo – live starting at 7:15 pm.

Fri 7 pm